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fumbling the future how xerox invented then ignored the - fumbling the future how xerox invented then ignored the first personal computer douglas k smith robert c alexander on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers ask consumers and users what names they associate with the multibillion dollar personal computer market, apple xerox ibm and fumbling the future forbes - thirty five years ago this week apple introduced a computer that changed the way people communicated with their electronic devices we also learned something about fumbling the future, xerox was actually first to invent the pc they just - obviously many people claim it was the introduction of the personal computer yeah ok apple freaks we know you were in the game early but most would argue that ibm gave it legitimacy with, dealers of lightning xerox parc and the dawn of the - in the bestselling tradition of the soul of a new machine dealers of lightning is a fascinating journey of intellectual creation in the 1970s and 80s xerox corporation brought together a brain trust of engineering geniuses a group of computer eccentrics dubbed parc, 50 examples of corporations that failed to innovate - in conclusion never resist innovation as a business make sure to listen to your customer s needs and keep up with the trends not only that make sure your leadership and strategies are in place because you should always be working on your innovation strategy, historia de las computadoras personales wikipedia la - la historia de las computadoras personales como dispositivos electr nicos de consumo para el mercado masivo comenz efectivamente en 1977 con la introducci n de las microcomputadoras aunque ya se hab an aplicado mucho antes algunas computadoras mainframe y computadoras centrales como sistemas monousuario una computadora personal est orientada al uso individual y se diferencia de una